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The Virtual Learning Community is a network of Web sites of business and nonprofit organizations offering leadership development information and services. It allows you to search a bank of resources, and categorize these resources into information from all linked organizations for easy access.

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Fundamental Resources a catalogue of high quality multi-disciplinary resources on leadership, including publications, associations and organizations, and training opportunities. The catalogue will provide brief descriptions or annotations of each resource and, if available, provide an online link to the author, organization or point of purchase Web site.

The Organization and Resource Databases Our Organization and Resource Databases of capacity building resources are designed to increase access to information on management and leadership assistance. The databases are provided to ease the process of finding published resources or help from management/leadership assistance providers. It is likely that all organizations will need outside assistance at various times in their development to strengthen or change. When they do, these databases should be helpful.

Accountability Here we offer in-depth perspectives and resources you can use to deepen your understanding of accountability and how to implement a plan for your organization.

Diversity Diversity is an often misunderstood subject. Here we offer in-depth information and resources you can use to deepen your understanding of diversity and how to implement a plan for your organization.

Annotated Bibliographies Our annotated bibliographies can help guide you as you work to strengthen the effectiveness of your organization. Please select a topic of interest: ??????????? [ Back to Top ]

Vision and Mission Human Resources Development
Ethics and
Internal and External
External Environment Financial Management
Strategic Planning and
Evaluation and Performance
Organizational Structure Information Technology
Leadership and Management

More information on these topics can be found in the Leadership Toolkit.

Acknowledgments ??????????? [ Back to Top ]

We acknowledge with special appreciation the Applied Research and Development International's initial contribution of the original work on the databases (1990-1999). The Charles Stewart Mott and David and Lucille Packard Foundations supported this original work.

Heartland Center for Leadership Development


Carol Barbieto, CLB Associates
Mary Lou Hines, University of Missouri at Kansas City
Sharon Parker, Executive Diversity Consultants
Trabian Shorters, Technology Works
John Palmer Smith, Mandel Center for Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Evan Stewart, Leadership Information Systems


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