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Organizational Performance Assessment:

Mission is described as the overall objective and purpose of the organization.

An organization was given a large multi-year grant to raise the economic level of a particular neighborhood. As a condition of the grant, most of the Board of Directors had to come from the community. People who were most influential on the Board were leaders of existing organizations. Although there were a few Board members who represented those who should benefit from economic development, they were not sophisticated or strong enough to influence the Board's strategy.

The Board voted to form committees and authorized each committee to disperse grant money the way they saw fit. Some committees gave money to other organizations. Few of the organizations had programs that advanced economic development.

  • Does your organization have a clear organizational mission and do people on all levels of your organization understand it? ???? [Details]

    ?Yes ?????????? ?No

    • Does your mission address a critical need in the human services marketplace????? [Details]
    • ?Yes ?????????? ?No

  • Does your organization have a clear and broadly accepted set of core values????? [Details]
  • ?Yes ?????????? ?No

  • Does your organization periodically review the mission statement to assess whether the conditions it addresses still remain and if your organization is still the best organization to address them????? [Details]
  • ?Yes ?????????? ?No

  • Is your mission referenced when developing organizational strategies? ???? [Details]
  • ?Yes ?????????? ?No

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