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Organizational Performance Assessment:

The following are some terms that are used when analyzing or developing the mission statement.

Action Steps
Detailed plans and activities directed toward meeting an organization's objectives.

The commitment of resources necessary to implement plans the financial expression of a particular plan of work.

Process for monitoring progress in meeting objectives and achieving results; point at which the plans for meeting objectives may be modified, based on experience or changed conditions.

Those who must be satisfied in order for the organization to achieve results. The primary customer is the person whose life is changed through the organization's work. Supporting customers are volunteers, members, partners, funders, referral sources, employees, and others who must be satisfied.

Customer Value
That which satisfies customers' needs (physical and psychological well-being), wants (where, when, and how service is provided), and aspirations (desired long term results).

Depth Interviews
One on one interviews used to highlight the insights of a select group of individuals inside the organization. Interview findings provide a touchstone for group discussions and decision-making.

Environmental Scan
A process for discovering and documenting facts and trends in the operating environment that is likely to affect the organization in its future work. Environmental scan findings are used to orient self-assessment participants.

A set of three to five aims that set the organization's fundamental, long range direction.

Internal Data
Summarized information regarding the history, present status, and performance of the organization. Includes a current mission statement. Internal data are used to orient self-assessment participants.

Leadership Team
The Chairman of the Board and the chief executive officer (usually titled the Executive Director) of a nonprofit organization form the leadership team. These leaders of the governance and management of the organization work together to make self assessment possible.

Why you do what you do; the organization's reason for being, its purpose. Says what, in the end, you want to be remembered for.

Specific and measurable levels of achievement.

The organization's bottom line in terms of performance. Defined in changed lives people's behavior, circumstances, health, hopes, competence, or capacity. Results are always outside the organization.

A picture of the organization's desired future. The vision is on a very high level, e.g., "world peace" or "abolishing hunger."


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