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Purple Sea Photo As individuals increasingly tap into their natural potential for self-expression, they simultaneously connect to an inner source of value or meaning.

To evaluate and learn ways to improve your organization's integration of humanistic principles and practices into day-to-day functions, take the Spirituality in the Workplace Survey.

Here we offer perspectives and resources you can use to deepen your understanding of spirituality and the workplace as it relates to your organization. Topics you'll find here include:

Several Helpful Practices

  1. Create a personal vision of your role in accord with the organizations vision
  2. Plan work in accordance with the vision of the organization create specific, definable, and measurable results that would ensure that the organizations and your personal vision are achieved.
  3. Support those you manage by connecting their expectations of success to the organizations objectives as part of their performance review.
  4. Put the organizations success before your own personal interests.
  5. Share power and credit.
  6. Demonstrate more confidence in others.
  7. Remember a persons greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated.
  8. Treat every interaction as if it were crucial to success.
  9. Walk, ski, hike and focus on your surroundings and/or watch a morning sunrise as though seeing it for the first time without thinking or judging.
  10. Maintain regular communication with your personal source of guidance, wisdom, and inspiration take five to 20 minutes everyday to meditate, pray, or reflect (e.g., seek guidance regarding a situation or opportunity that requires attention.).

Adapted from William A. Guillorys
The Living Organization

Dr. Guillory's Flash presentation, Spirituality in the Workplace, is a way of reminding everyone of the sustainable business resource called . . . people! For more information please see


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