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Thoughts From Sandra

Sixty seven percent of all non-profits are projected to experience leadership changes in the next 5 years, making the development of effective leaders an absolutely essential task.

In order to ensure that non-profits remain vibrant and strong, our industry must build leadership capacity, both by enhancing the leadership skills of current executives and by developing leadership skills in emerging executives.

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by Steve Denning

The conventional wisdom: Pick up almost any leadership book these days and what do you find? Leadership is presented almost solely as an issue of inner conviction. Find the leader deep within yourself. Become the person others will want to follow. Discover your strengths. Become emotionally intelligent. Merely through increased self-awareness, self-regulation, and positive modeling, authentic leaders develop authenticity in followers. When you visualize, then you materialize. Be true to yourself and change happens.

Would it were so.

The reality: The reality is that sustained, enthusiastic change doesn't occur by osmosis or extrasensory perception.

If leaders' inner commitment to change is to have any effect, they have to communicate it to the people they aspire to lead. True, the leaders' actions will eventually speak louder than words, but in the short run, it's what leaders say ? or don't say ? that has the impact.

The right words can have a galvanizing effect, generating enthusiasm, energy, momentum, and more, while the wrong words can undermine the best intentions and kill initiative on the spot, stone dead.

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by Gregg Thompson

To Coaches: Do you have what it takes to be a Fool? It's not easy being a Fool. Are you willing to tell the truth to your clients, regardless of the danger involved?

[King] Lear's Fool is ridiculed, scorned and marginalized by the other characters in the play, living a very solitary existence on the edge of the community. Then, he mysteriously disappears mid-way through the play.

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by Corey Criswell and Andrés Martin

Employees are becoming less patient, less company-centric, more mobile and more interested in near-term tangible rewards. A trend towards the more effective use of technology as a communication and management tool was noted by 13 percent of leaders, as well as the need for global virtual communication as the management of mobile workers increases.

The ten trends listed are: The Rise of Complex Challenges, The Innovation Revolution, The Art of Virtual Leadership, Collaboration Nation, The World of Interruption, Authenticity is the Next Celebrity, The Fallout from the Baby Boom, Filling the Leadership Void, Leadership Longevity and What's Next?

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A Great Electronic Leadership Resource

Some of the interesting items at the current home page of include: Charity Badges (Turn Your Supporters into Fundraisers); 1,010 Favorite Tools; Environmentally Friendly IT; as well as Print and Fill-PDF Forms. Check it out when you have a little extra time to spend; it's a goldmine of information.

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