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Thoughts From Sandra

Tom Peters recently asked: "Do you routinely use hot, aspirational words ? terms like ?Excellence? and BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, per Jim Collins) and ?Let?s make a dent in the Universe? (the Word according to Steve Jobs)? Is ?Reward excellent failures, punish mediocre successes? your de facto or de jure motto? Message: Hot begets Hot! (Cold begets Cold.)  And . . . you heard it here first!"

This Tom Peters fellow never fails to amaze me with his talk ? he calls himself the Guru of Hot, the Maestro of Technicolor, believing that the industry of management and leadership is generally dreary and dry. Not always so at

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by Gregg Thompson

How do others behave differently because of your leadership? Do they work harder; do they work on the right things; do they learn and grow; do they also lead? These are the true measures of a leader. I believe that those of us in the leadership development field in particular put far too much emphasis on what leaders do as opposed to what they create. We should take our eyes off the leader and instead look at the impact they have on their organization. Leading today's organizations is extremely challenging, and we all come at this role with our unique personalities, talents, and experiences. I would encourage you to put your sights on the most meaningful organization outcomes and seek to find your own best road to get there.

To read the full article and 10 questions to ask regarding organizational outcomes, click here and download the October newsletter, 2nd article.

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?   Commit yourself to an in-depth process of self-discovery to learn your spiritual values.
?   Create a list of actions and behaviors consistent with your spiritual values?and live them!
?   Integrate your values and ethics with important business decisions you make. Ask yourself, "Is this the right thing to do?"
?   Create a personal wellness program that includes eating, exercise, health, recreation, and a balanced life.
?   Trust others in a responsible way without the necessity of proof.

To read more of the 10 rules visit their web site.

by Dr. John C. Maxwell

What is it about successful people, like Oprah and Anderson Cooper, who, although completely different in background and style, are almost identical in their approach to work and life? In his book, 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life, Dr. Henry Cloud passes along his observations of nine principles commonly practiced by the successful people he knows. The book drips with leadership application.  Some of the ideas are Do Something, Act Like an Ant, Be Humble, and Upset the Right People.

To read the entire article, visit Dr. Maxwell's website and check out Volume 10, Issue 13 of his newsletter.

A Great Electronic Leadership Resource

Today, after clicking on Leadership in the menu bar at, I found subtopics like management, careers, compensation, innovation, corporate governance, and corporate citizenship. A simple click on corporate citizenship brings up a story about the new CEO of the Boy Scouts, the History of Labor Day, a memory article about the "green" founder of the Body Shop, an article on volunteerism, and one on the building blocks of success (companies we revere).

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