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Thoughts From Sandra

The KEY Leadership Trait

CHOOSING to become a leader occurred to him while he was watching the original The Matrix for the 2nd time recently. Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is told that he's "the one." Well, my friend thinks that well-respected leaders in his memory CHOOSE to lead in a very outward, strong and specific way. My friend suggests that it is not a secret wish or a hidden trait: deciding to become a leader is part of what his favorite leaders manifest.

If deciding to lead is accompanied by competency, the combo, according to him, can virtually assure success in leadership endeavors. What do you think about that? Are leaders thrust into their roles or do they "officially" decide to become leaders?

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by Dr. John C. Maxwell

The half-apologies of celebrities or public officials are almost laughable. The sound bites are usually: ?I regret that my words were misinterpreted,? or, ?I?m sorry if they felt that way about my actions.? In her article, ?Always Apologize, Always Explain,? featured on and, Martha Beck offers sound advice for giving an authentic apology.

1. Fully Acknowledge the Offense

2. Give an Explanation

3. Genuinely Express Remorse

4. Repair Damage Done

To read the full text of Martha Beck?s article, ?Always Apologize, Always Explain,? visit here. To read the synopsis of the article, visit Dr. Maxwell's website here.

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by Margaret Heffernan

How do you identify the members of your team that could sink it? Here are the "hallmarks of incompetence" I have learned to identify: Bias against action, Secrecy, Over-sensitivity, Love of procedure, Preference for weak candidates, Focus on small tasks, Allergy to deadlines, Inability to hire former employees, Addiction to consultants, and Long hours. Any one of these behaviours should sound a warning bell. More than two ? sound the alarm!

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The Third Zone?s extensive work with leaders and leadership teams has repeatedly revealed that the strongest, most accomplished and BOLDest leaders are at peace with themselves. They are at peace because their job, goals, requirements and rewards are compatible with the internal characteristics (values) that drive them. Self-centered leadership is about the individual?s willingness and ability to get to the heart of the matter. You gotta have heart! Miles and miles and miles of heart.

To read more about "self-centered" leadership visit here.

A Great Electronic Leadership Resource

If you click around to and, at the top right of the screen, enter leadership, you will find lots of other clickable resources there that will lead you to articles and ideas about leadership, management, delegation and more. I read the article about delegation, which clearly identified the following tips: give the person a whole task to do; make sure the staff person understands exactly what you want them to do; Identify the measurements or the outcome; and determine, in advance, how you will thank and reward the staff person.

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