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MAY/JUNE 2008 

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Thoughts From Sandra

In our new world, information is no longer power. Information has a very short life; it changes sometimes by the minute, if not by the second. By the time you think of something, it's likely that someone else has not only thought of it, but has already DONE IT. So what is the greatest asset of a leader and, by default, the greatest asset of the leader's organization? The thinking of its employees and stakeholders. With all the best information on the table, available and "Said out loud," the better the efforts and ideas of the organization as a whole. When thoughts are shared for the larger good, there are no limits.

Try it.
You'll like it.

by Dr. John C. Maxwell

For so long, Henry Ford had focused on moving from inefficiency to efficiency that he refused to move in the opposite direction ? from efficiency to inefficiency ? even when doing so would have been wise and profitable. Ford's genius in sparking change had catapulted him to the pinnacle of American commerce, but later, his inability to change cost him dearly. Whom do we meet along the journey of leadership?

Critics ? I guarantee you'll bump into a few critics. Don't try to appease everyone.

People You Have Outgrown ? As we climb the levels of leadership, we come to the sad realization that most people aren't committed to personal growth. Eventually, we must change our relationships by disengaging from the people we've outgrown.

The Weight of Responsibility ? If we, as leaders, want to make significant changes to increase our impact, then we must be willing to shoulder progressively greater loads.

Personal Inadequacies ? As we grow, we advance into uncharted territory ? areas beyond our comfort zones. Facing our limitations can be daunting. Ultimately, pushing our personal boundaries is the surest way to grow, improve, and expand the scope of our influence.

Cited and used with permission from the LeadershipWired. To read more about the challenge of change, please visit here.

Not only are there articles here about many of the great leaders of our time, including Ghandi, Thatcher, three Roosevelts (Franklin, Teddy and Eleanor) and Lech Walesa, among others, but articles about the next century (setting the scene for, e.g., freedom's triumph, science's amazing strides), The Shape of the Future (environmentalism vs. globalization, the power of tribalism and the challenge of fundamentalism) and the debate over who should be included in the list of the 20 most influential people of the 21st century. A fascinating web site and wonderful reading. You'll learn a lot about leadership here.

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Reinvented leadership includes promoting new directions (management, on the other hand is getting things done), all employees promoting new directions, the fact that leadership can be shown bottom up or sideways to and from people who don't report to you, the act of leadership as one of pure informal influence and, most importantly, that leaders sell tickets for the journey and let the managers drive the bus to the destination.

Cited and used with permission from LeadersDirect. To read the entire article, visit here.

A Great Electronic Leadership Resource

Leadership, Coaching, Management and the Kitchen Sink

With subtitles that include "you, company, customer, management, organization, strategies, processes, innovation, finance and buy," how could you go wrong? It's a fun place about leadership. For instance, "As an element in social interaction, leadership is a complex activity involving: a) a process of influence, b) actors who are both leaders and followers and c) a range of possible outcomes ? the achievement of goals, but also the commitment of individuals to such goals, the enhancement of group cohesion, and the reinforcement of change of organizational culture."

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