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July 2004

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Leader Point ? Centerpoint for Leaders and The Points of Light Foundation's newest e-publication to give you relevant and concise information on leadership and organizational development.

Tips for Becoming an Effective Leader
? Set realistic expectations.

? Divide and delegate work.

? Welcome criticism.

? Encourage others to lead.???


Online Leadership Assessment & Development Instrument ?
Coming soon, the Points of Light Foundation and Centerpoint for Leaders announce an innovative new tool that will:
? Give mentors the guidance they need to move a staff member from potential into leader

? Put control of the leadership development timetable in the hands of the participant and his/her mentor
?? Enable nonprofit executive to earn leadership certification
? Provide a practical and effective alternative to training programs requiring time away from work and costly travel
? Build the nonprofit and community leaders of the future

Be sure to read upcoming issues for more information.

Leadership: Taking Direct Action??
By John-Paul Micek

Coach's Tip:?If you want to exhibit wisdom, understanding and true leadership cut to the meat of a subject when pressed. Don't "spin" your answers or "sugar-coat" wrongs.?Be compassionate, but be truthful. People respect honesty and are attracted to leaders who take a firm stand on their beliefs.

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Organizational Effectiveness Survey

Is your organization vital and effective? You may find out or affirm your effectiveness by completing this survey.

This survey is created, with permission, from the report "Profiles in Organizational Effectiveness for Nonprofits," by Jeanine Lee of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. This includes six areas of effectiveness contained within the report.

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