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Thoughts From Sandra

The mission of the Center of Light and Love is to help people strengthen their relationship with God through healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Grounded in the Spirit, the Center's programs are designed to minister to the total self, thereby facilitating physical and emotional renewal, and enhancing one's capacity to cope with the challenges of life. The Center enables leaders to address the inner work necessary to be effective.

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For instance, are the behaviors of effective leaders always the same, or do conditions and circumstances play a part? How can managers determine when to exhibit what type of behavior?

Towers Perrin-ISR?s Framework of Effective Leadership addresses these, and other crucial questions.

First steps include setting priorities for action; developing action plans for each priority; agreeing on timelines, metrics, and accountability, and creating an on-going monitoring plan. Then, in order to accomplish your increased leadership capabilities, your organization must:

1. Re-evaluate leadership effectiveness at all levels;

2. Embed effective leadership processes going forward;

3. Establish mechanism for measuring on-going progress; and

4. Develop roadmap for sustainable change.

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by Gregg Thompson with Susan Biro

Though I firmly believe that it is who you are, not what you do, that will make you a great coach, I also recognize that you will need some tools to be most effective. In my experience, there are Four Key Tools which are invaluable to coaching.

1. Acknowledgement.
2. Big Questions.
3. Intuitional Perspectives.
4. Silence.

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by Ralph Jacobsen

We live in an age that demands we find the most efficient and effective way to build leadership. Building leadership is the driving force of my life. I define myself as a strategist, teacher, and catalyst for growth.

Here are five key leadership challenges.

1. Reframe the future.
2. Develop followership.
3. Teach and learn.
4. Build community.
5. Manage paradox.

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A Great Electronic Leadership Resource

Free Management Library

Many people believe that leadership is simply being the first, biggest, or most powerful. Leadership in organizations has a different and more meaningful definition. A leader is someone who sets direction in an effort and influences people to follow that direction. How they do that depends on a variety of factors that are considered in this gigantic online library.

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