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Centerpoint for Leaders recognizes individuals who exemplify our values and philosophy of leadership. We believe that leaders are continuously learning and developing. Simultaneously, these same leaders help others, with whom they are working, develop their leadership potential while achieving the potential of an initiative or organization.

Centerpoint for Leaders Values include a commitment to:

  • Environments where people flourish and enhance humankind
  • Quantum-thinking, questioning, discovering and creating the "new"
  • Strengthening organizations and their capacity to contribute to the common good
  • Working collaboratively
  • Learn synergistically from one's peers through various venues, including meetings in-person, video, electronic messaging and meeting convening
  • An appreciation and respect for diversity and inclusiveness
  • Treating others with humility, dignity, respect and honesty
  • Functioning from higher self
  • A balanced life
  • Beyond self

Leaders are selected based on the following qualities:

  • Vision
  • Heart
  • Commitment to Developing and Enabling People
  • Ethical/Honest
  • In-depth knowledge of self/Ongoing Self Development/Continuous Learning
  • Courage (Takes Risks)
  • Spiritually Sourced (Engages mind and spirit; irrespective of religious beliefs)
  • Adds Value with Gifts
  • Communicates Effectively and Continuously
  • Balanced, Authentic Whole Person Who Integrates Beliefs with Actions

Centerpoint for Leaders is honored to salute and profile the following leaders:


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