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"Facilitating mutual enhancement among those working together for a common purpose." Arthur T. Himmelman

What is a Collaborative Leader?
One who:

  • Fosters openness;
  • Creates and sustains a process in which people have confidence;
  • Builds trust and confidence among people;
  • Acknowledges the unlimited potential of people and keeps reaching out to them;
  • Builds cooperative teams;
  • Allows the group to work out problems;
  • Creates an environment that fosters healthy relationships;
  • Values and integrates differences into every operation;
  • Communicates effectively;
  • Uses an ongoing process of evaluation.

Why Collaborate?
We collaborate because:

  • Issues cut across many perceived boundaries;
  • Initiatives and problems are too complex;
  • Collaborative process has become as important as subject-matter expertise;
  • Varied perspectives expand understanding, give breadth and depth to analysis of issues, resulting in better decisions;
  • Resources can be leveraged.


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