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Hurricane Katrina Relief for Victims and Yourself

The words of Thomas Paine seem appropriate to share: "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Volunteers of America is at the center of recovery efforts from Hurricane Katrina, working to assist those still in peril. Donations to Volunteers of America for Hurricane Katrina Relief can be made on line at

The special message below is to help those of us who may be suffering from viewer stress.

Thank you!

With appreciation for your generosity of spirit,


Special Message to Centerpoint for Leaders? Readers:

Just because you may be far away from the Gulf Coast doesn't mean you remain unaffected.? I'm not talking about economic fallout such as surging
gas prices. Rather, many of us have been touched at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Viewer Stress ? The media is flooding us with images of continuing horror.

Everyone's talking about it as well. Viewer stress is real. Such media bombardment, can lead to fatigue, sadness, fear for the survivors, fear of rising costs falling back on us, anger and outrage. Yet the drama and curiosity draws us in. As we get vicariously involved, we can unknowingly be taking on added stress.

It helps to limit your exposure to the media. If you do watch, zero in on stories of hope, courage, and gracious helpfulness that also are reported.
Remember, grisliness and grace stand side by side in such tragedies.
Which will you focus upon?

Try to emotionally detach from anger, outrage and judgment at looters, violence, or incompetence. The situation on site is incredibly complex. No outsider can possibly fully understand it. Your anger, while perhaps justifiable, will not help the situation, and only hurts you. Focus your thoughts and feelings on the positive and redeeming acts taking place.

Give.? If you care and are able, donate money, time or goods. This relief effort will go on for months. Perhaps you can spearhead a local canned foods drive or round up blankets, toys or clothing. creative. Maybe you can volunteer in some way with the Red Cross or one of the many faith-based relief efforts. Any gift, no matter how small, is needed and appreciated. Just imagine what $1 from every single American citizen could do.

Look Inward.? Severe tragedies catapult us to higher levels of consciousness. Sometimes they are a wake-up call out of our day-to-day complacency.

Did Katrina prick your heart or soul? Did it remind you to better care for yourself, say "I love you" more often, care more for others, or deepen your spiritual life?

Listen to your heart's nudging and dictates. If you feel the urge to improve your life and key relationships in some way, follow it and act upon it. Doing so will go far to help alleviate the stress, give you satisfaction, and help you feel a connection to something deeper, broader and higher than yourself.

By Harry A. Olson, PhD ??[ mail to: ]

Harry has over 30 years experience as a psychologist, executive coach, and international speaker/trainer for organizations on human peak performance.


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