Too often, an organization will take its volunteers for granted and training for board members as unnecessary (after all, they have been selected for their existing expertise). Board training should not be confused with the annual board retreat to hear progress reports, review the mission statement and tweak the strategic plan. So both of these groups do not grow, as a board or as a volunteer group, as a result of their affiliation with the hospital. What are some of the development opportunities for each? For volunteers, programs that gave them more of an understanding of the technology of the service or product being delivered would be helpful. They would also benefit from a better understanding of the overall strategies of the organization, itself. Board members would certainly benefit from an education about the existing environment and what will be expected in the future. In that way, they would be in a better position to both sharpen their focus on things that are affecting the organization and increase their understanding of things that will affect the organization's ability to be effective in the future.