Before an organization can attract, reward, retain, and value talented people, it must first have a clear picture of what it, as an organization has to offer and what it needs. Small organizations, especially, have not developed honest job profiles or position descriptions for jobs they need to fill. That is not to say that general descriptions of duties were not submitted with fund requests but, because of the lack of experience or perception of lack of importance, they do not describe the organizations expectations. Once the organization has a sense of what it needs, then it can seek individuals to fulfill that need in a deliberate fashion, avoiding a "catch as catch can" approach to posting ads or letting out the word. When individuals do present themselves for consideration, most of them will have already gone through a pre-screening because of the clarity of your description. As you review resumes, you have a standard to adhere to because you have clear requirements. When you interview the individuals whose resumes you have selected, you have a list of questions to ask all of them and the questions are all focused on revealing the presence or absence of the skills, experience and attitude that are needed to successfully do a job and only that. The way an organization obtains those described in the question is to plan for it to happen and not wish that good employees will come to your organization through the luck of the draw.