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Database Search Help

1. To search all records for organizations whose names contain a particular word (example: "volunteer").
Search for: volunteer
Search by: Name
Sort by: Name

Example: For best results, use the shortest form of your search word. A search for "volunteerism" will return only 13 records, while a search for "volunteer" will return 281 records including those records containing "volunteers" and "volunteerism."

2. To find organizations located in Chicago.
Search for: Chicago
Search by: All
Sort by: Name

This will find all organizations in Chicago or with "Chicago" as part of the name.

3. To find organizations located in Maryland. (For all states, search by the two-letter postal abbreviation.)
Search for: MD
Search by: State
Sort by: Name

4. To find organizations located in countries other than the United States.
Search for: (leave blank)
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