Your organization should constantly receive information on the condition of and on the environment that affects your constituency. The information should gathered first from the people that you serve. Program directors, social workers, intake workers, recruiters, volunteers, the receptionist, should all be encouraged to collect data about the organization's constituency and the organization should have a means of feeding data into a process that can turn it into information. This could be a simple as an expectation that a weekly report would contain some mention of the condition of your constituency. This same expectation could be raised for information affecting your constituency. Laws, regulations, trends, economic conditions, shifting demographics, etc. may have some effect on how or when your constituency receives its services. Do not forget to use the technology to ascertain trends or shifts in the delivery of your service or product by analyzing the data associated with your organization's activity. Obvious sources like the budget come to mind, but the number of hours spent, the client contacts by area, the amount of food delivered, the number and location of new memberships, etc. can also be sources of useful information.