Internal and External Communication is described as information that is gathered from within or outside of the organization and the process of transmitting it to the right person(s) at the right time using the right communication vehicle. Communication affects the organization's ability to act and react correctly.


A health care organization took great pains to be inclusive in communicating with its staff. Once every quarter the chief administrator would give an update to all staff, conducting two briefings during each of the three shifts of the round the clock operation. The first group was composed of the managers of the organization and it was expected that they, receiving the briefing first, would be in a position to answer any and all of the questions that their staffs might have once they returned back to the workplace.

The chief administrator was adamant when asked if she expected the managers to explain and education the staff about any subject that came up in the briefing. However, when asked if any of the managers had been trained to do this, she had to admit that they had not received any training. She had no answer to the question, "Then how do you know it is being done?"