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Welcome to the Peer Learning Community Chat Room!

What are Emoticons?

Emoticons are a quick way of showing emotions using graphic icons, sometimes called "smilies." There are two ways you can use emoticons during chat:

Dropdown Menu:
You can select an "emotion" from the Icons" dropdown menu at the bottom of the chatrooms.

Emoticon Commands:
You can also type an "emotion" using our simple commands outlined at the right.

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Emoticon Commands:
Graphic Icon Text Command Dropdown Menu
:-)  or :) Smile1
:-D  :D  :-d  :d  :->  :> Smile2
:-O or :o Surprised
:-P or :p Tongue
;-) or ;) Wink
:-(   :(   :- Sad
:-S   :S   :-s   :s Dizzy
:-| or :| Neutral
(Y) or (y) Yes
(N) or (n) No
(L) or (l) Love
(U) or (u) Unloved
(K) or (k) Kiss
(G) or (g) Gift
(F) or (f) Flower
(E) or (e) Envelope
(X) or (x) Female
(Z) or (z) Male
(P) or (p) Photo
(B) or (b) Beer
(D) or (d) Drink
:-[ or :[  
(T) or (t) Phone
(C) or (c) Cup
(I) or (i) Bulb
(H) or (h) Hottie
(S) or (s) Sleep
(@) Cat
(*) Star
(8) Music

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