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The Centerpoint For Leaders Online Leadership Assessment and Development Program is designed to help nonprofit and community leaders fill the gaps in their leadership training and skills development. It's a process that gives the participant access to the knowledge, skills, and support necessary for their success at the executive level, and ultimately makes their organizations more effective through strengthened leadership.

  • Available online ? provides access to assessment tools and developmental activities through a secure username and password.
  • Comprehensive Assessment ? identifies potential strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Targeted Training ? focuses efforts and establishes systematic quantifiable
    progress. It changes one's behavior to more effective actions.
  • Multiple Activities ? accommodates individual learning styles.
  • Self and Mentor/Observer ? Evaluation ensures progress with accountability.
  • Automated Reminders ? encourages timely advancement through the curriculum.
  • CFL Leadership Certification ? provides industry-recognized incentives and standards.
Please click here to pay and register online. You may choose a track that leads to Leadership Certification or Self-Study. The complete online program, including participant assessment, individualized leadership development report, targeted training activities and Centerpoint for Leaders Certification, as a Certified Executive Leader, is only $375.00.

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