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About the Organization

Organizational Framework

small icon ??Vision

People committed to uplifting and enhancing humankind through more effective leadership of organizations, foundations, and community initiatives.

small icon ??Mission

To help leaders realize their potential, the potential of others with whom they are working, and the potential of an initiative or organization.

small icon ??Values include a
  • To environments where people flourish and enhance humankind
  • To quantum-thinking, questioning, discovering and creating the "new"
  • To strengthening organizations and their capacity to contribute to the common good
  • To working collaboratively
  • To learn synergistically from one's peers through various venues, including face-to-face, video, electronic messaging and meeting convening
  • To an appreciation and respect for diversity and inclusiveness treating others with humility, dignity, respect and honesty
  • To functioning from higher self
  • To a balanced life
  • Beyond self
small icon ??Goals
  • To help leaders become optimally effective
  • To provide a means for leaders to communicate effectively, efficiently, and independently with each other, and to serve as mentors and resource persons to other leaders
  • To provide up-to-date resources for leaders that can be accessed easily, rapidly, and flexibly
  • To strengthen the effectiveness of organizations through strengthened leadership
  • To develop the whole leader mind, body, and spirit


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