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Don't Just Assess Leadership Strengths ? Create Them!

Centerpoint for Leaders' Groundbreaking Online Tool Creates and
Tracks Behavioral Changes of Non-Profit Professionals

In the complex and challenging world of today's non-profit organizations, where 67% of all non-profits are projected to experience leadership changes in the next 5 years, developing effective leaders is absolutely essential. In order to ensure that non-profits remain vibrant and strong, the industry must build leadership capacity, both by enhancing the leadership skills of current executives and by developing leadership skills in emerging executives.

Centerpoint for Leaders developed its Online Leadership Assessment and Development Program just to address these pressing needs. The Centerpoint for Leaders Program is designed to help non-profit, government, and community leaders fill the gaps in their leadership training and skills development.

Centerpoint for Leaders Online Leadership Assessment and Development Program contains 58 modules from which a training program is constructed based on an individual's needs. The following are some examples of just a few of them.


Effective Interpersonal Relationships

Guide Through Instilling Visions

Manage the Organization


Develop Staff and Volunteers

Focus on Benefactors and Stakeholders

Develop Resources

The Inner Work of Leadership

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the individual.
Identifies potential strengths and opportunities for growth.
Training is then targeted to those areas and progress is tracked systematically.

Actually changes and tracks resulting leadership behaviors.
Where other programs fall short, Centerpoint for Leaders' Program actually results in behavioral change.

Available 24/7 online ? learn anywhere, any time.
Eliminates the need and expense of sending employees off-site for training.

Tailored to the specific needs of the non-profit executive. Mentors and observers provide encouragement, support, and verify that desired behaviors are being acquired.
While a self-study track is available, CFP strongly recommends the use of mentors and observers to ensure accountability and so that industry-standard leadership certification can be obtained. The mentors provide face-to-face support and advice.

Automated Reminders
. . . encourage timely advancement through the curriculum.

Certified Executive Leaders (CEL) Certification.
Centerpoint for Leaders provides industry-recognized certification based on common standards and procedures.

Affordable for Non-Profits.
At just $375 per individual, this program is not only effective, but affordable.

And the tool also accommodates individual learning styles through the use of multiple activities for each area. Password-protected access ensures confidentiality.

Sign up today by clicking on the link below, and start reaping the benefits of more effective leadership in your organization.

Please click here to pay and register online. Remember, you will need to have your mentor?s name and email address if you have selected the certification option.

If you have questions or would like to contact Centerpoint for Leaders for more information regarding this program, us for information, or call us at 202-244-3020.You may also view our complete brochure detailing the program in PDF format.


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