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Centerpoint Workshops Centerpoint's Workshops are intensive roll-up-your-sleeves half-day onsite sessions.

Sandra Gray first prepares by calling you for an interview and, using the Centerpoint database, compares your non-profit to others with similar resources and missions. After her in-depth analysis, Sandra develops innovative strategy recommendations and tactics and prepares the curriculum.

This is tailored specifically to your organization, its infrastructure and lines of communication. Each Workshop always involves a kick-off meeting presented to the group you select and one-on-one meetings to coach each participant regarding the best way to execute the strategies, as well as a group wrap-up session.

By thoroughly customizing the Workshop, Sandra Gray ensures that every single take-away not only gets remembered and applied, but really fits the individual needs within your organization.

Statistics show that we learn by doing, and with Sandra alongside each step of the way, your organization can make a generational leap in just one day.

To learn how much this can help you, please tell us about yourself.

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