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Fresh Perspectives Come From New Vantage Points

Centerpoint Programs Making real progress is hard if you can never lift your head high enough above your inbox to see the world around you.

But getting that bird's-eye view is never easy amid the free-fall rush of upcoming deadlines.

If your non-profit's projects often have to be managed like one leap of faith after another, you, more than ever, need a new way to elevate yourself above the crowd without feeling like you're hanging in mid-air.

So stand on the shoulders of others.

No matter what your non-profit does, it follows in a long lineage of organizations that have tried to change the world with plenty of successes and mistakes along the way.

  • Do you know the steps to harness all of your energy (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual) to gain perspective, even in a crisis?
  • Do you know that one of your most important resources is other people's blunders?
  • Do you know how the factors in living your whole life in balance make you more effective and a lot happier on the job?
  • Do you know how leadership today has become fundamentally different than leadership was even 20 years ago?

The Centerpoint for Leaders is unique in its study of the changing nature of leadership. Leverage the Centerpoint's catalog and eye-opening analysis of the successes and failures of leaders nationwide, past and present in jobs similar to yours to add the benefits of years of experience in a matter of hours.

Ask The Centerpoint's Sandra T. Gray, one of the few qualified experts in this field, to handcraft personally the most relevant selection of best practices and worst pitfalls, custom-tailored to your organization, and present them to you in a way that makes you an apprentice of the truly great non-profit leaders.

All of this without the needless pomp and circumstance and the pricey hourly rates the typical line-up of so-called experts charge. Why? Because, as a non-profit that specializes in the work of hundreds of non-profits like yours, bringing in Centerpoint is like bringing your own Special Ops team with you all the way to landing zone.

To hit the ground running today, find out how cost-effective and time-efficient Centerpoint's programs really are by clicking on the two links below.

Centerpoint Programs


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